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*  Have you conducted business with CenturyLink or one of its subsidiaries in the past?

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Diverse Supplier Information

*  Are you a certified diverse company?

        If yes, please select which classification status for certification:
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SBA 8(a)
HUBZone (SBA certified only)
Small Business
Small Disadvantaged Business (minority owned)
Women Owned Business
Veteran Owned Business
Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business
Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, Transgender (GLBT)
Alaska Native Corporation (ANC)
Historically Black College/University/Minority Institution
Large Business
US Owner Business
Non US/Foreign Owned Business (additional FOCI documentation will be Required)
ORCA Registration

        If yes, what state and/or certifying agency have granted the above diverse classification?

*  Does your company track and report 2nd tier diversity spend?

If you are a Diverse Supplier, please provide a copy of your certification to the following email address: Supplier.Diversity@Centurylink.com

If you have any questions about this survey, please contact Survey Requests.